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Empowerment thru Creative Integration (ECI) is a Pakistan-based capacity development organization with a mission to create ‘change-makers’ who promote socio-economic transformation. The organization’s philosophy and values are interwoven in its very name:



Empowering individuals and enabling institution for progressive growth



Providing creative solutions for socio-economic problems



Integrating marginalized groups within the social fabric

We are known nationally and internationally as a premier training institution with our most outstanding work being designing and implementation of national cascade training programs – where the capacity of large number of participants has been strengthened through each intervention. ECI has developed curricula as well as designed roll-out strategies and trained trainers for each program implemented. We specialize in designing strategic training programs that translate complex concepts  into training material for different audiences ranging from micro, to meso and macro levels.

ECI works with non to semi-literate persons at the grassroots, all the way up to government functionaries including ministers and senior-level bureaucrats. We offer our clients a range of training programs clustered around the following thematic areas: Sustainable Livelihood & Enterprise development,  Peace Education & Life Skills, Gender &women Development, Good Governance & Institutional Strengthening, Health & Nutrition

ECI’s highly-experiential training packages are known as cutting edge in terms of quality, content and methodology. We pride ourselves on being national market leaders in development-sector training programs. The company’s spectrum of services includes: curriculum design (participant handbooks, trainer’s manuals, and video based training programmes), training implementation, documentation and monitoring. Amongst ECI’s strengths is an impressive alumni ‘Network of ECI Trained trainers’ (NETt) spanning over ten thousand individuals across Pakistan. Many NETt members, initially trained by ECI, are now renowned in their own right as some of the best trainers and master trainers in the country. At the end of the day, ECI prides itself on making a difference in people’s lives. ECI-designed and delivered training programs not only enhance knowledge and skills but they also serve to affect participants’ hearts and minds, a responsibility we embrace by ensuring that each initiative is designed for maximum impact.

Meet Our Team

Saleem Jahangir

Managing Director

Shahid Rasool Qazi

Director Admin & Finance

Anum Mughal

Director Client Relations