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Institutional Development Training for Farmers Milk Cooperatives

May 2017

The initiative of PLAN Pakistan, “Rural Women’s Economic Empowerment through Enhanced Participation in South Punjab’s Dairy Sector” aims to increase access and control of economic resources for women. For this purpose institutions of Farmer Milk Cooperatives have been organized which will serve as platforms to achieve the objectives of the project. For this purpose it is important that the capacity of the Executive members of the FMC is built so that they can run these platforms as formal institutions.

FMC’s are also the sustainability aspect of this project. After the project ends it will be the FMC’s that will take forward the agenda. Hence institutional development training of the FMC members has been inbuilt into the project so that they are better able to understand the organizational aspect of this platform, develop leadership skills, are better able to resolve conflict, take effective decisions on finances and understand the business cycle of the FMC’s. For the purpose of capacity building of FMC on mentioned aspects PLAN hair Empowerment thru Creative Integration ECI.

Financial Education for Micro-finance Clients

December 2016

To increase awareness of clients and potential client of microfinance providers in Pakistan who are integrated within the credit reporting framework, PMN undertook an initiative to launch a comprehensive client awareness and financial literacy education program. For this purpose PMN contracted Empowerment thru Creative Integration (ECI) to conduct a comprehensive gap analysis, design a detailed program, including developing training modules/material and other associated components for a financial literacy program, aimed at clients, and potential clients, of microfinance providers in Pakistan.

ECI is hired as training provider for 300 beneficiaries in Sindh and Punjab as part of the Financial Literacy Course initiative to conduct training needs assessment, design & development of financial literacy course along with ToT material, awareness sessions and dissemination strategy.

Enhancing Capacity of Female, Youth Labor and Minorities Elected Representatives for Efficient and Accountable Democratic System in Mansehra

November 2016

Under Usaid’s Citizen Voice Project (CVP) Cycle 10, ECI has been awarded a contract to conduct the trainings of 1,698 representatives including Village/Neighborhood Nazims and Naib Nazims and Councilors of District Council Mansehra, Tehsil Council Mansehra and Village/Neighborhood Councils falling in Tehsil Mansehra. Each trainee will be trained on three modules designed specifically for their respective tier of LG. The trainings will be commenced on the modules covering the following three areas:
1. LG laws, structure and mandate
2. Resource Management and Budget Oversight
3. Participatory Development Planning

Skills and Technical Trainings for Youth- Dera Ismaeel Khan & Bannu

October 2016

ECI has been awarded the contract by United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) to commence the market assessment, orientation to the stakeholders & community, selection of beneficiaries and youth along with capacity building in the form of trainings for youth of the UC Musazai, district DI khan, whereby 150 youth (including 30% women) will be the direct beneficiaries of this project.

Based on the performance of ECI, the contract has been extended and 160 more beneficiaries will be trained by ECI in district Bannu following the same methodology which would incur in depth demand and supply side assessment to articulate the market oriented training courses addressing the needs and choices of the stakeholders.

Development of Comprehensive Training Module for Trainers, Handbook for Trainees and Roll out of Training of Trainers (ToT)

June 2016

Baluchistan Rural Support Program (BRSP) is implementing Baluchistan Community Development Program, (BCDP) in partnership with European Union (EU) in four district of Baluchistan. Project aims to improve the local government system through enhancing the capacity of elected representatives in order to enable them to effectively deliver its due responsibilities and play role in meeting the basic needs of citizens and contribute to overall development of Baluchistan. In order to achieve this aim BRSP and Baluchistan Rural Development Academy (BRDA) intends to train 11730 local government representatives on “Baluchistan Local Government Act 2010” in 32 districts of Baluchistan. At the same time elected Chairman, Vice Chairman, Mayors and Deputy Mayors would also be trained on other thematic areas;
1. Local Government Finances and Budgets, Audit and Accounts
2. Participatory Development under BLGA-2010
3. Local Government General Powers and Enforcement, Rules, bylaws and Procedures

In order to attain this BRSP has acquired services of ECI to develop specialized curricula and train 192 beneficiaries as master trainers through training of trainers (TOT) course on different curricula designed covering following themes “Baluchistan Local Government Act 2010” “Local Government Finances and Budgets, Audit and Accounts “Planning and Development under BLGA-2010” and “Local Government General Powers and Enforcement, Rules, bylaws and Procedures.” After TOT these master trainers would be deployed in the concerned districts for imparting these trainings to general councillor male and female across 32 district of Baluchistan.

Financial Literacy Trainings for JICA’s Beneficiaries

May 2016

In Pakistan, JICA is currently funding 7 projects (in Punjab, KPK and Sind), focused on thematic areas of health, education, industry and rural development. It has been identified by the donor that along with technical assistance being given to the beneficiaries of the projects it is important that they are given financial literacy education as this would contribute to synergetic effect between projects’ original own goals and improvement of financial literacy of beneficiaries to their better living standard.

For this purpose Grant Thornton in collaboration with Empowerment thru Creative Integration (ECI) was brought on-board to provide the following services:
1. Identify and define required financial literacy and/or education needs of the seven JICA projects
2. Develop training curricula, teaching guidelines and materials
3. Deliver the trainings to beneficiaries of Project’s counterpart agencies and training of trainers considering synergy effect with JICA’s projects
4. Carry out Impact Survey

‘Supporting Female Graduates Access into information Technology Sector through Internship Program’

March 2015

ECI in collaboration with GEP has initiated a project titled ‘Supporting Female Graduates Access into information Technology Sector through Internship Program’. The project sees to link up 120 fresh female IT graduates of Islamabad district to the market through internship/jobs opportunities available in IT sector.  The project inherently aims to channel employable IT skills along with knowledge on women friendly practices at the work places to the female beneficiaries.

Trainings for Oxfam-Novib on Project Mangement and Financial & Grant Management

ECI was contracted to carry out two 4-day trainings on Project Mangement and Financial & Grant Management for 13 partner organizations of Oxfam Novib; as well as its staff members in order to enhance their skills on various aspects of the topic. Before the commencement of the workshops, a TNA tool was designed and shared with the partners by ECI’s curriculum development team in order to align the training needs with the outcomes.