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Gap Assessment in Sanitary Napkins Business

For Association for Gender Awareness & Human Empowerment (AGAHE), ECI was contracted for conducting a gap assessment in District Muzaffargarh of the Sanitary Napkins Business. This was part of the ‘Ensuring girl’s rights through school & community based WASH and MHM’ project being implemented with the technical and financial support of WaterAid in Pakistan. A toolkit was developed comprising of 5 surveys for the following stakeholders: Producers, MHM Promoters, Consumers, Shopkeepers and Agahe staff. A 3-day market study was conducted and 29 interviews were taken, based on which a gap assessment report was formulated that identified issues in the business cycle currently in practice and proposed solutions were shared.

Awareness Sessions on Gender Equality & Women Inclusion for PDI Beneficiaries

In an on-going capacity building endeavour for PDI, Trocaire partner, to raise awareness on Gender inclusive roles and responsibilities, ECI conducted four, 2-Day  awareness session on Gender Equality and Women Inclusion in Businesses for 122 participants including 70 females and 52 males who enhanced their learning curve around Gender Awareness. Through the training, the essential need of women inclusion in all walks of life, specifically economic activity and promoting a gender based approach for socio-economic development was reinforced.

Decent Work & Effective Labour Inspection

Under the project GE4DE, ECI designed and developed a 4-day module on ‘Decent Work & Effective Labour Inspection’ in collaboration with the four provincial Departments of Labour. The module aims to help labour inspectors conduct their inspection duties in a systematic way and analyse information to capture gender disparities along the decent work framework. The reporting that ensues from gender responsive labour inspection will help Labour Department better capture information on gender and the world of work and improve their reporting on compliance and progress on the application of international labour standards. A Training of Trainers of 16 Department of Labour staff from all over the country was also conducted by ECI.

Gender Mainstreaming in Projects and Programmes

A 4-day workshop was designed and conducted for the Swedish Committee of Afghanistan (SCA), titled ‘Gender Mainstreaming in Projects and Programmes’. The workshop comprised of gender concepts and simple tools and checklists that were relevant and can be applied by SCA for situation assessment and analysis, design, implementation, monitoring, reporting and documentation keeping gender in view. The workshop design was participatory, engaging and based on principles of adult learning, and comprised of exercises that helped in clearing the concepts of gender. Also an exercise was incorporated where SCA staff was facilitated to develop an action plan for gender mainstreaming at provincial and sub-district levels.

Gender-Based Value Chain Research on the Gems & Jewelry, Marble Mosaic and Home-Textiles Sub-Sectors

A gender-based value chain research study was undertaken to identify areas for Women Entrepreneurship Development in the value chains for the marble mosaic, gems & jewelry and the home-textile sub-sectors. This provided comprehensive sub-sectoral mapping, identifying the key stakeholders, strengths, weaknesses and opportunities present in each value chain. This was to identify where there was space for introducing women in the value chains, as well as expanding their existing roles. The next step was to work with the relevant sub-sector organizations to facilitate technical and enterprise development training for women in each sub-sector. For this, ECI designed and conducted a 15 Day Training of Trainers for a selected group of 30 vocational trainers.

Capacity Building and Technical Support to WESS for Implementation of Women’s Economic Empowerment in Baluchistan (WEEB) Project

From 2009 – 2010, ECI worked with MEDA and FAO to support implementation of the USAID funded Women’s Economic Empowerment in Balochistan (WEEB) Project by providing technical assistance and building capacity of Balochistan-based Water, Environment and Sanitation Society (WESS).  ECI’s role in the project involved supporting WESS to effectively design the economic development intervention for 5000 marginalized women producers using the value chain approach. In addition to an intensive series of training on ‘Value Chain Assessment & Analysis’ for WESS office and field staff, ECI worked closely with the organization to implement programmatic activities including conduct of a market research, development of a project implementation plan for five districts in Balochistan, design and conduct of specialized workshops for rural facilitators and sales agents as well as providing mentoring and handholding support throughout the project.


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