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Social and Behavior Change for Child Stunting Prevention

ECI was contracted by Unicef for the capacity building component of its program on Social and Behavioral Change Communication for Child Stunting Prevention, with funding from USAID, which focuses on imparting knowledge across different tiers so that mothers have adequate knowledge and adopt healthier child feeding practices to counteract child stunting. The main emphasis was to impart learning on the concept of ‘Misaali Maa’ or model mothers to social organizers, counselors, community resource persons and lady health workers who would further tap the local communities and disseminate learnings to them on this crucial topic.


The material development was done by White Rice, with the support of Unicef and ECI and a cascade training model was adopted. An orientation of the Lead Trainers was done, followed by a 3–day ToMT in Sukkur. After this, 9 Trainings of Social Organizers and Counselors were conducted for 242 participants (165 females and 77 males) and 65 Trainings of Community Resource Persons and Lady Health Workers were conducted.

Training of Area In Charges Under UNICEF Sehat Muhafiz Programme


With the prime objective to contribute in eradicating polio from Pakistan, ECI was awarded a long-term agreement (LTA) in 2016 under UNICEF Sehat Muhafiz Programme for conducting trainings of Area In Charges (AICs) based on ECI’s cascade training model. Under the first 2 Tiers of this LTA a total of 2320 AICs were capacitated including 1962 males and 394 females across various districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Fata Region in order to further train their polio teams.

Matawazan Ghaza Sehat Mand Zindagi


ECI undertook a self-initiative and designed orientation sessions which have been conducted across various districts of Pakistan. 30 awareness sessions were carried out that emphasized Health in rural and remote communities of Pakistan. It targeted 3,000 school children, adolescent girls & boys, parents and school teachers, with the aim to impart learning on importance of good health and nutrition.

From Dreams to Reality’ – A Changemaker program in district Shikarpur, Sindh


In the aftermath of the 2010 floods, ECI has designed and implemented ‘From Dreams to Reality’, a one-year socio-economic transformation program for the Asian Development Bank. Designed using ECI’s changemaker model, the project works through local men and women to enhance health conditions and income of the poorest 200 households across four villages while simultaneously building capacity in life skills as well as water–related issues. Cleanliness drives were initiated at the personal and household level shortly after the completion of the health & hygiene trainings. The project had a specialized focus on youth and women. In addition to awareness raising, capacity building and linkage building, with development projects as well as government organizations and the private sector, the project is focused on developing community centers (Sartiyon Centers) to provide a platform for villagers to come together for group formation, ongoing income generating activities, technical training; as well as developing village development plans, advocacy strategies and improving sanitary and infrastructural facilities.

Life Skills Based Education (LSBE)


For Plan International, Empowerment thru Creative Integration (ECI) Private Limited, successfully devised and formulated a customized & user friendly Life Skills Based Education training curricula, including sexual & reproductive health, followed by successful trainings of trainers benefiting 679 direct beneficiaries & 3,420 indirect beneficiaries. The trainings catered to the needs of young boys & girls belonging to three different age groups (9-13 years old, 14-16 years old & 17-19 years old). After a thorough Rapid Need Assessment & Curriculum review (of the curricula obtained from WPF, AHANG, ROZAN, FPAP & PLAN International), 06 detailed learner’s workbooks & trainer manuals (03 for boys & 03 for girls) were formulated. Bearing in mind the sensitivity of a topic like ‘reproductive health of youngsters’ and the traditional & orthodox set-up of the concerned communities, it was ensured that everything was implemented in a culturally relevant context.
After devising the customized course, ECI went a step ahead and arranged a roll-out of two TOTs simultaneously, in District Thatta & Kot-addu, Muzaffargarh, in order to train the trainers for taking the said cause forward. A total of 110 beneficiaries were trained. The 03-day TOT was specifically designed to enhance the capacities & competencies of the trainees round essentially required training skills on Life Skills Based Education.

Focusing on Health and Education at the College for Community Based Changemakers (CCBC)


ECI in partnership with Taraqee Foundation and Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund implemented a 01-year capacity building training project in Ziarat, Baluchistan under which 30 Changemakers were trained with a primary focus on Health and Education.
The first batch of 30 Changemakers were selected in this program for induction in the College for Community Based Changemakers (CCBC). They were bright, entrepreneurial men and women from the community who were selected in order to develop their potential to bring about sustainable social and economic transformation at the grassroots. Designed to facilitate community-led development, the CCBC aimed to promote indigenous solutions to address development issues, with a special focus on health & sanitation issues.
The project closed with the establishment of a Skilled Delivery Center for increasing child mortality and creating awareness on the importance of a hygienic environment provided to Mother and Child during and after Child birth. At the educational front, centers for coaching Language and Literacy were set-up for supplementing the educational needs of community. Round about 20 girls from far flung areas of Ziarat, were enrolled in Allama Iqbal Open University’s distant learning course, where they are continuing education.
In order to make the change efforts sustainable after project close, dedicated effort was made towards identity creation and image development of Changemakers. Moreover, significant small interventions were carried out on health and hygiene in terms of raising awareness, setting up health camps and advocacy based walks on health issues.


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