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Khairat Zimedari Ke Saath – A Project on Safe Charity

ECI was contracted by DAI to implement this project in District Jhang and Chiniot, and mobilize the relevant stakeholders and launch a Safe Charity awareness campaign in collaboration with Jhang Chamber of Commerce and Industry (JCCI) for peace promotion and CVE. The activities focused upon creating awareness among the business community pertaining the adverse consequences of not complying with safe charity protocols and inadvertently contributing towards terrorist activities. JCCI provided its support to ECI in the implementation of the project activities and piloting interventions in collaboration with local business leaders and market associations to learn about local environment and opportunities. Customized IEC material was developed and 4 awareness seminars for 400 chamber members, business association members and managerial level and industrial staff were held with further outreach to 10,000 people.

Peace Players – East


Based on the success of the implementation of the ‘Peace Players’ model in District Korangi, ECI was awarded a subsequent grant in District East for engaging male and female students from 16 educational institutes in 04 sports activities: football, volleyball, cricket and badminton. 244 youth were targeted in total with 220 males and 24 females. 16 orientation sessions were held, followed by 24 sports matches and 4 mega events. The aim was to engage students, school staff, parents and local community members and emphasize the messages of peace and the need to address Violence & Extremism issues.

Peace Players – Korangi


Based on the success of our past grants with Karachi Youth Initiative (KYI) and engaging local community members for addressing Violence & Extremism issues, ECI embarked upon a unique activity-based project titled Peace Players. This project aimed to use various sports competitions at educational institutes as a tool to facilitate positive community interaction and promote peace and harmony. The District Coordination Committee (DCC) oversaw the overall grant and it will, in turn, establish the credibility and enhance the visibility of the DCCs in the community.
Orientation sessions were held in the target area of District Korangi, Karachi and 16 educational institutes were selected. The 144 selected youth participated in 7 badminton and 7 cricket matches and mega events for both cricket and badminton were held at the time of grant closure.

Professionals as Peace Ambassadors – DAI South Punjab


Under USAID’s Azme Pakistan progrmme, a 5-month project was implemented in District Multan titled “Professionals as Peace Ambassadors” with the support of DAI. This project aimed to capacitate teachers and students of 03 Punjab Vocational Training Council (PVTC) affiliated Vocational Training Institutes (VTIs): VTI-Male, VTI-Female and VTI-Shuja Abad. They were enabled to become promoters of peace via 1 Training of Teachers & Trainers (TOTT) and 6 trainings of students. Once the trainings were complete, 15 Peace Initiatives and a Mega Show & Tell event were also implemented.
Vocational Training Institutes under PVTC students were selected for this project as they are ready to enter the professional market and start their practical life. They are the upcoming breadwinners of the economy and soon-to-be parents as well. It is important that such audience is targeted so that peace messages can be transferred to maximum number of indirect beneficiaries across various socio-economic spheres; including the future generations.

Skills and Technical Trainings for Youth – Extension Dera Ismail Khan and Bannu


After the successful completion of Phase I of the training, ECI was granted an extension by United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) for providing skills and technical training for youth in district D.I. Khan and Bannu. In Phase II, a total of 160 participants were trained in both districts (100 from Bannu and 60 in DI Khan). Since area assessment of DI Khan was already conducted in Phase I, market assessment using FDGs and in-depth interviews was carried out in Bannu for identification of available resources and potential trades. A total of 10 trainings were conducted in this phase, 4 in DI Khan and 6 in Bannu, across 4 technical trades: Computer, Tailoring, Beautician and Electrician. The contract stipulated the training of 30% females i.e. 48 overall, but ECI surpassed the target and trained 68 female beneficiaries or 43% of the total trainees.

Life Skills Based Education (LSBE)


For Plan International, Empowerment thru Creative Integration (ECI) Private Limited, successfully devised and formulated a customized & user friendly Life Skills Based Education training curricula, including sexual & reproductive health, followed by successful trainings of trainers benefiting 679 direct beneficiaries & 3,420 indirect beneficiaries. The trainings catered to the needs of young boys & girls belonging to three different age groups (9-13 years old, 14-16 years old & 17-19 years old). After a thorough Rapid Need Assessment & Curriculum review (of the curricula obtained from WPF, AHANG, ROZAN, FPAP & PLAN International), 06 detailed learner’s workbooks & trainer manuals (03 for boys & 03 for girls) were formulated. Bearing in mind the sensitivity of a topic like ‘reproductive health of youngsters’ and the traditional & orthodox set-up of the concerned communities, it was ensured that everything was implemented in a culturally relevant context.
After devising the customized course, ECI went a step ahead and arranged a roll-out of two TOTs simultaneously, in District Thatta & Kot-addu, Muzaffargarh, in order to train the trainers for taking the said cause forward. A total of 110 beneficiaries were trained. The 03-day TOT was specifically designed to enhance the capacities & competencies of the trainees round essentially required training skills on Life Skills Based Education.

Umeed Jawan – Poetry Competition to Promote Peace & Tolerance

Umeed Jawan, in collaboration with ECI, has initiated ‘Poetry Competition to Promote Peace & Tolerance’ for youth in South Punjab. The four month project is based on Umeed Jawan’s peace initiative; to equip youth with required skills and educational opportunities aimed at promoting peace in their respective vicinities. Moreover, through awareness raising and developing a positive mind-set, youth are discouraged from extremism and terrorism.
Poetry serves as an opportunity to provide a counter-narrative, and an effective method to promote the ideas of peace, tolerance and acceptance. Through the project the youth will be provided opportunities to express themselves in poetry. 30 peace poets will be selected from 400 applicants, to participate in a mega competition where they will present their views on promoting peace through their poetic skill. This will serve to engage youth in healthy, positive activities that allow them to grow and promote the idea of peace and tolerance in society.

Umeed Jawan – Social Changemakers Program

Given the success of ECI’s Social Changemakers model piloted in Karachi-2013, Creative Pakistan has replicated a program focusing on social activism with an objective of Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) and realizing Peace initiatives under ‘Umeed Jawan’. In four target districts of South Punjab; Bahawlpur, Lodhran, Multan and Muzaffargarh, 80 youth would be sensitized to understand CVE and build their skills to analyze violence and extremism existing in the society. Once equipped with the requisite skills, the Changemakers would help mainstream 4800 at-risk youth within the target communities to assist them in addressing issues of violence and extremism, and thereby become positive agents of change through initiating productive activities.

Life Skills Training of Trainers for TVET Instructors

For CARE international, ECI translated the requisite Life-Skills module sessions prepared for UNIDO, after CARE having acquired copyrights from UNIDO. The modules session were translated and four, 6-Day Training of Trainers (ToT) were rolled out in two-rounds; the first in Hyderabad and Multan and the second round in Lahore and Karachi. The ToTs helped train 97 TVET Instructors on Life Skills who would further impart Life Skills training to students/teachers.

Strengthening of Changemakers Forums for Karachi Youth Initiative (KYI)

Developing upon the Social Changemakers Program, ECI implemented a six month project in continuation of the previous USAID funded intervention under its banner of KYI. This time the social Changemakers were taken through a 12-day training on Organizational Development and Management before organizing them under three distinct and independent forums. One each for Korangi, Lyari and Sultanabad.
In context of local needs, the forums were mandated to roll out Peace Programs comprising of 12 Mega Peace Awareness and Education Events. ECI team of mentors guided and supervised the planning, implementation and evaluation of the peace events. The forums members have been empowered to run their entity independently and sustain itself by generating income by offering consulting services.

Strengthening & Mentoring of Parent Teacher Councils (PTCs)

The government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa undertook an initiative, in collaboration with DFID and Adam Smith International (ASI), to improve the educational standard prevalent in the province through community/parents involvement and ensuring effectiveness of Parent Teacher Councils. In this context, a training program was conceptualized for Deputy District Education Officers (DDEOs) and Assistant Sub-divisional Education Officers (ASDEOs) to increase effective role of PTCs in imparting quality education. For this purpose, ASI involved Mr. Saleem Jahangir and Mr. Asfandyar Khan to conceptualize a 3-Day training module and deliver trainings to benefit selected participants in KPK.
The training focused on improving the physical structure and overall efficiency of the schooling system in KPK through ensuring involvement of PTCs. Here, the PTCs themselves would have to be made efficient by mainstreaming its systems and processes; including PTC planning, implementation and its overall management.

Social Changemakers Program for Karachi Youth Initiative (KYI)

A six month long Social Changemakers Program was designed by ECI for Karachi Youth Initiative – under the USAID banner. The underlying philosophy was of evolving local agents of change who would execute and implement peace interventions for their respective areas, and post project completion strive to make continuous efforts for peace. 45 young men were taken through a six-month course via ECI’s trademark College for Community Based Changemakers, where they acquired and enhanced their understanding of concepts focusing on Peace and Countering Violent Extremism (CVE).
The capacity building interventions were designed to transform the participants into effective change agents who can continue to promote conflict resolution and peace-building within the localities of Lyari, Korangi and Sultanabad well into the future. As a result, the successful Changemakers were not only able to design, plan, implement and evaluate the Peace interventions, but also generate an identity for themselves as ambassadors of peace among their respective communities.
As a next step the network is looking to formalize their existence under a suitable arrangement, so they can operate as an active body for peace promotion in Karachi’s troubled areas.


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