e4ECI – an e-learning initiative – is  a technology and web based platform that provides incredible opportunities of online learning to people in all parts of the country as well as from across the world. e4ECI offers these services in 3 domains:

  • Education 
  • Communication  
  • Information

With e4ECI we are expanding geographical horizons from national to international level through creating internet spaces for learning and development. Starting as an interactive social media platform on Facebook in 2018, e4ECI has transformed into online learning portal where indigenous courses will be offered online across all domains of Education, Communication and Information. Fully equipped to aid online learning with the use of learning videos, our teams conceptualize, design and produce quality learning videos and courses.

Empowering the youth of Baluchistan on E-Commerce
Build Capacities of youth of Balochistan on E-Commerce
English for Development Professionals
Effective Communication Skills
Learn & Lead - Batch II
Online Course I – Situational Analysis
Online Course II - Proposal Development
Online Course III – Social Action Projects
Online Course IV – Introduction to Social Enterprise
Online Course V – Craft Your Inspiring Vision

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