ECI Digital Studio

ECI goes digital!

Being an ISO-certified development firm since 1989, we are now improving our act by going global! Introducing ECI Digital Studio, a creative and innovative idea that will facilitate you/our valued audiences with the use of modern technology and tools, all under one roof. Digital acceleration has been the top trend to emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, with organizations of all sizes and industries being pushed to innovate and adapt. At the start of 2022, internet penetration in Pakistan stood at 36.5% of the total population— that’s 82.90 million internet users practically at the edge of their seats, waiting for creative content. At the ECI Digital Studio, we convert stories into immersive digital content that is bound to leave an impression on your viewers. Our media team will handle everything— leaving you free to create, think, and thrive! Along with a well-trained team, our studio is sound-proof and acoustically treated, and fully equipped with all the relevant gear you’ll need to get started on a project, promotional video, or podcast. We also do Chroma and modify backgrounds with finesse. Despite being cost-conscious, we never compromise on quality, as our sole focus is on producing content that crystalizes itself in your viewer’s minds and hearts. So why wait? Let us be the media team that leads you to viral success!

why choose us

Sound-proof studio

To minimize outside noise and ensure high-quality recordings, our in-house studio has been designed in collaboration with sound recording experts. This soundproof recording room can be used for high-end interviews, voiceovers, podcasts, etc. We also provide complete filming and sound recording equipment. 

Sound recording

We have an expert sound recording, mixing, and vocals team that helps your lyrics get the most deserved tunes and rhythms. Let us develop jingles, documentary music, or plain podcasts for your brand.


To bring visibility to your brand or project objectives, we offer top-notch filming equipment and a team of talented videographers who are able to bring life to all your stories and ensure it stays in the minds of your target audiences for a long time.


We can make you appear in any location without leaving the studio. Advances in computer technology and graphics have made it possible for us to replace the background with any image or video you desire. 

Digital photography

Whether it is your products, projects, services, or events, our young yet smart team of digital photographers will give it all the right lighting and exposure it deserves. You can rely on us for your detailed media coverage anywhere within or outside of Pakistan.

Event coverage

With perfect quality equipment for videography, photography, editing, and drone coverage our team lets you capture your special events and then narrate them to your audiences through any format you desire. Whether it is your Youtube channel or television, we will ensure our cuts are made according to your brief.

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