ECI distribution among needy during the Lockdown and Ramadan 2021

ECI in collaboration with Qarshi Foundation provided 300 Bottles of Jam-e-Shirin for needy families during the month of Ramadan in 2021. 

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Ration Distribution During Coronavirus Pandemic

In collaboration with Sindh Graduates Association and Visionary Foundation, 319 ration bags were distributed among 319 households in 12 days during this corona-virus pandemic.

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Coronavirus Community Service – Ration Distribution II

During this Covid-19 lock-down, Muahmmand Nawaz, Youth leader and Mentor of Digiskills from Balochistan, along with this brother Haq Nawaz was able to collect 80,000 rupees’ funds

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Coronavirus Community Service – Medicine Distribution

ECI was able to do targeted distribution of 300 medicine kits for Covid-19 affected area of Islamabad in Barakahu in collaboration with Qarshi with facilitation from Azm Foundation.

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Blood Donation – Dengue Awareness 2019

Always the first to respond to Corporate Social Responsibility!
ECI team played its part in blood donation campaign as dengue is spreading at a rapid pace in Islamabad and Rawalpindi

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Eid Gifts Distribution in Ramzan 2019

Under ECI KASB food bags, beverages, toys, dresses, shoes and Eid gifts were distributed among hundreds of people throughout the month of Ramadan.

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