Gender & Women Development


The thematic area encompasses rights, advocacy and socio-economic development of all genders, including the poorest of the poor, vulnerable and disabled persons. ECI focuses on capacity building of different gender groups in order to increase their visibility, accessibility and control over resources. The process begins by enabling them to participate in social and economic activities. Women empowerment is a major component of gender development and awareness raising among women is imperative for catalyzing change and achievement of sustainable developmental impacts.

Logistic Support for organizing 8th March Women Day Event

Coming on the heels of unprecedented global efforts for women’s rights, the ICT Women Development Programme and ECI celebrated International Women’s Day to shed light on the tireless work of women who have been central to these extraordinary movements worldwide. Under this year’s theme, “Better the Balance, Better the World”, an event was organized to celebrate and acknowledge the women of Pakistan.                       

Location: Islamabad

Target Audience: – People present in the hall

DigiSkills Training to 1500 Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Mobilizing, identifying and selecting 1500 Aspiring female entrepreneurs from 08 districts of Sindh and KP through a TNA exercise to deliver DigiSkills training through online courses on freelancing, digital marketing, e-commerce and digital literacy.

Location: KP and Sindh      
Target Audience:
1500 Female Entrepreneurs   
Number of Beneficiaries:  1,683

Awareness Raising on Personal and Social Development of Transgender Groups

ECI designed a series of brochures for creating awareness among the Transgender Community. For this purpose, a Rapid Need Assessment was conducted in Islamabad and Rawalpindi and 3 FGDs were held in which community members were engaged. In the light of results obtained material was designed.

Location: Islamabad and Rawalpindi

Target Audience: Transgender Community

Enhancing Capacity of Female, Youth Labor and Minorities Elected Representatives for Efficient and Accountable Democratic System

Under the USAIDs Citizen Voice project (CVP) Cycle 10, ECI was conducted trainings with targeted beneficiaries in order to enhance the capacity of elected representatives and strengthening citizens.

Location: Mansehra

Target Audience: Local Government Members

Number of Beneficiaries: 3,034