Gender & Women Development


The thematic area encompasses rights, advocacy and socio-economic development of all genders, including the poorest of the poor, vulnerable and disabled persons. ECI focuses on capacity building of different gender groups in order to increase their visibility, accessibility and control over resources. The process begins by enabling them to participate in social and economic activities. Women empowerment is a major component of gender development and awareness raising among women is imperative for catalyzing change and achievement of sustainable developmental impacts.

Gender Equality & Female Inclusion in Business Initiatives - TroCaire
Number of Days: 2 Days
Client: PDI – TroCaire
Language: Sindhi
Target Audience: Selected beneficiaries of PDI
Decent Work & Effective Labour Inspection - ILO & CIDA
Number of Days: 5 Days
Client: ILO – CIDA
Language: English
Target Audience: Youth
Training on Good Governance & Gender Mainstreaming - Afghan Aid
Number of Days: 4 Days
Client: Afghan Aid
Language: English & Dari
Target Audience: 26 Senior & Mid Level Staff of Afghan Aid & Partner Organizations