Good Governance & Institutional Strengthening

Capacitating the staff of public and private institutions on rudiments of transparent resource management, effective decision-making and other aspects of organizational development by adopting a bottom-up approach for structural strengthening, ECI is working on ‘Good Governance’ strengthening the capacity of elected representatives, promoting a vibrant, diverse & independent government, thus translating commitment into action. In order to fulfill the objectives of propagating good governance and strengthening institutions, ECI capitalizes upon its specialization in designing strategic training programs that translate complex concepts into training material for different audiences spanning micro-meso-macro levels. We work with non-literate to semi-literate persons at the grassroots all the way up to government functionaries including ministers and senior-level bureaucrats.

Leadership at Union Council Leve
No of Days (of Training) July to January 2020
Client DAI
Language Availability English
Target Audience Leaders at Union Council Level
Training on Facilitation Skills for Agriculture and Livestock Officers
No of Days (of Training) 01-Day
Language Availability English
Target Audience Agriculture and Livestock Officers
Mine Sardar Course and Mine Rescue and Safety Course
No of Days (of Training) November to December 2020
Client Sindh Lakhra Coal Mine Company
Language Availability Urdu
Target Audience Mine workers and Mine Sardars
Team Building Workshop
No of Days (of Training) 02-Day
Client UNDP
Language Availability English
Target Audience Project Staff

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