Our Beneficiaries – Transforming Opportunities into Excellence

Working tirelessly towards growth of an empowered and sustainable society, we take great pride in transforming the lives of community we serve. Over the year ECI has implemented projects for a diverse target audience, including literate and non-literate, skilled and unskilled men and women, micro-entrepreneurs, existing entrepreneurs, new entrepreneurs, health workers vulnerable groups including children, transgenders, persons with disabilities government officials, staff of organizations, youth activists and students etc.

Educating the New Generation

ECI in collaboration with UNDP identified, selected …

ECI in collaboration with UNDP identified, selected and trained youth activists from Sindh, KPK and Baluchistan. These young leaders took development initiatives in their area. Many of them took it upon themselves to use the acquired leadership skills from ECI’s training to lead their communities up front and knock the doors of duty bearers for achieving sustainable outcomes in their initiatives. Having gained training in leadership, negotiation and communication; along with learning networking skills and mediation skills through online courses these young leaders not only convinced their communities for growth but were also successful in ensuring that authorities hear the voices of their community that they have been raising. One such example is of Mola Bux Khosa who not only convinced communities to send their daughters to school but also convinced authorities to provide buildings and infrastructure for education of children.

Mola Bux Khosa is a Youth Leader from Lasbela Baluchistan where most inhabitants specially women are deprived of their basic right to education. People of the community are adamant that girls should not go to school and that their enrolment would bring the family shame. It was impossible to convince the people of community to change their mindset. Mola Bux always believed that this system needs to change because in order for us to progress as a nation we must ensure girls are provided with equal opportunities for growth and learning. However, he never found the courage or skills to reason with the families against these long-set traditions. When he joined the “Capacity Building & Mentorship in Dialogue, Negotiation, and Leadership for Policy Impact Initiative with Youth Leaders/Activists from KPK, Sindh and Baluchistan” he was eager to learn the skills required to ensure children specially girls are enrolled in schools. 

“This 5-Day training equipped me with skills to implement my ideas. The communication and negotiation skills I learnt during the training were exactly what I needed to change the mindset of community. This training gave me strength to practically transfer my learning into action at grass-root level to get the results that I have always desired for my people.”

 After the training Mola Bux started approaching parents to convince them to let their girls seek education. Using the acquired communication and negotiation skills he made them understand that true shame lies in ignorance and illiteracy. Mola Bux travelled for kilometers and went door-to-door to convince the parents. He made them see that by supporting the cause of education they can ensure safe schooling for not only their own girls but for all children of community. He addressed their concerns as parents and offered solutions with which they agreed. With his continuous efforts in a district where 99% of girls were out of school, he managed to convince 25 parents to enroll their children in schools during the upcoming admission cycle. By earning the trust of community members, currently he is also running a tuition center in his village where children come to seek education.

“Due to the opportunity provided by ECI I got the translate my learning into action. Because of the confidence I gained in this project I am trusted by parents and they send children to my tuition center. I share stories of people who achieved their dreams against all odds with children who come to my tuition center to make sure they strive to keep learning. My dream is to open a school in my village where children get free education and gain the confidence to make their dreams come true.”

 MB Khosa’s efforts did not just stop with enrollment. He also reaches education department for provision of books and stationery to these children. Moreover, he contacted the elected government representatives of his area and raised the issue of unavailability of basic infrastructure at school. Due to his efforts, authorities have approved to renovate the building of boy’s school in his village to provide basic facilities. His next target is convincing the authorities to provide similar infrastructure for girl’s school.