Technical and Advisory Services for Microfinance

Delivering value-added solutions and providing technical expertise to the microfinance sector. Technical Advisory Services (TAS) is a growing thematic area of ECI (Empowerment thru Creative Integration) for capacity building of staff of MFIs. In order to achieve the goals of capacity building of the staff of MFIs, ECI designs tailored advisory services in the areas of institutional development, expanding product diversity beyond simple short-term credit instruments, reaching beyond urban centers, and diversifying funding sources.

By embedding this approach into the core delivery of financial services, the financial institutions get equipped to appropriately manage risk, balance profitability with inclusive finance, and contribute to long-term sustainability and wider systemic growth. Moreover, these services assist financial institutions to adopt a client-centric approach in product design and delivery of customized services for households and micro enterprises.


Financial Literacy and Client Awareness Campaign - PMN

For DFID and Pakistan Microfinance Network, the Financial Literacy and Client Awareness Campaign is being implemented with a strong focus on leveraging digital modalities in order to engage and mobilize borrowers in the microfinance sector


Location: Nationwide
Target Audience: Microfinance Clients

Methodology and Innovations:

  • Nationwide Media campaign
  • Innovative methodologies to target MF clients including:
    • Animations
    • Street theatres
    • TVCs
Capacity Building and Technical Advisory Services Trainings for Microfinance Sector - AGAHE Pakistan

Four flagship modules were developed by ECI on Strategic Planning, Risk Assessment, Stress Management and Branch Management which provided a holistic view of the topics in relation with microfinance sector. To formally implement these modules three 2-Day Trainings were organized in Vehari for staff members of AGAHE Pakistan and two 2-Day Trainings were organized for staff members of SSF. These trainings were attended by 102 beneficiaries.

Location: Punjab and Sindh
Target Audience: 102 Microfinance Sector Staff

Methodology and Innovations:

  • Flagship modules for imparting need-specific skills
  • Need specific trainings of staff members of Microfinance Sector
Financial Literacy Trainings for JICA’s Project Beneficiaries - JICA

ECI implemented a holistic package on Financial Literacy for project beneficiaries of Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). Under this project, ECI conducted a baseline survey and a TNA. Based on this, 3 modules were developed and 3 ToTs and 840 trainings were conducted for the beneficiary groups.

Location: Islamabad, Hyderabad and Lahore
Target Audience: Community (farmers, mothers, textile students)

Methodology and Innovations:

  • Participants were capacitated and their competencies were enhanced with a special focus on financial management skills.
  • The trainings conducted proved elemental in providing tools and enhancing knowledge for imparting effective and efficient financial management skills to the beneficiaries.
Training of Trainers on Nationwide Financial Literacy Course - PMN

For Pakistan Microfinance Network and with the support of World Bank, ECI designed and developed a 2-Day training course on Financial Literacy. A series of Training of Trainers were awarded to ECI by PMN, the first of which was conducted in Peshawar for 12 women.


Location: Nationwide
Target Audience: Women

Methodology and Innovations:

  • During this 02-day workshop, women were trained to deliver the Nationwide Financial Literacy Course of State Bank of Pakistan.
  • ToT enabled women to train other women in their communities later on, to take the financial literacy agenda forward.
Module Development on Financial Literacy - IFC

For the International Finance Corporation (IFC), ECI localized and adapted modules on Financial Literacy for Farmers and Entrepreneurs.

Location: Pakistan, Srilanka, Honduras and Cameroon

Financial Literacy Program for Levi’s Factory Workers - Levi's & PMN

For the Financial Literacy Program (for Factory Workers) being implemented with the support of Pakistan Microfinance Network, material was developed for a 3-day ToT. A total of 4 ToTs were conducted.


Location: Karachi, Lahore, Hafizabad
Target Audience: Factory Workers
Beneficiaries: 102

Methodology and Innovations: The program focused on holistic socio-economic development of the beneficiaries.

Financial Literacy Program - PMN

For PMN an awareness booklet and IEC material on role of Microfinance Credit Information Bureau was designed under the Financial Literacy Program for Microfinance borrowers.


Location: Karachi, Lahore, Hafizabad
Target Audience: Factory Workers
Beneficiaries: 234 PMN beneficiaries

Methodology and Innovations:
ECI conducted and organized:

  • 11 ToFs for 234 PMN members
  • 21 community-based awareness sessions for borrowers
  • A national level media campaign encompassing radio programs and TVCs
Design & Development of a Financial Literacy Program for non-literate audiences across Pakistan - Bearing Point and State Bank of Pakistan

For Bearing Point and with the support of State Bank of Pakistan (SBP), a Financial Literacy Program for non-literate audiences was designed which reached out to vulnerable men and women across Pakistan. A TNA and Gap Analysis was conducted by Bearing Point, based on which a 2-day module was designed and capacitated the participants on key principles of financial management including goal setting, money management, budgeting, savings, investment, debt management, consumer protectionism, bank services, and branchless banking.

Location: Nationwide
Target Audience: Vulnerable men and women
Beneficiaries: 45000 beneficiaries ranging across ages 18-60

Methodology and Innovations:
The program capacitated the participants on key principles of financial management including:

  • Goal Setting
  • Investment
  • Debt Management
  • Consumer Protection
  • Savings
  • Money Management
  • Bank Services

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